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Gangadhar Meher University

Sambalpur, Odisha

Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


  • To make quality higher education accessible to the students without discrimination
  • To develop and nurture the intellectual capital
  • To promote self-learning and self assessment through adopting technology-intensive education system
  • To expand the areas of higher education through inclusion of both basic and applied disciplines
  • To promote professional programs


  • To adopt inclusive policy in enrolment
  • To offer incentives to girl students pursuing higher education/research
  • To ensure flexibility in syllabus by involving representatives of students and alumni  in syllabus framing
  • To promote student centric learning by developing hi-tech classrooms with high speed Internet connections
  • To provide the students with the congenial research ecosystem with the target to solve local and global issues and problems
  • To evolve mechanisms to explore the diversity in talent and counsel career development in congruence with their talents
  • To train the graduating students in finishing schools to make them society-ready
  • To offer online and offline certificate courses for enrichment and refinement of their skills
  • To offer certificate courses in foreign languages and computer literacy for attaining global competency