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The University’s crest contains the name of the University and the year of its inception. The rays of the morning Sun symbolize the cultural renaissance brought by the University. The Konark wheel stands for the art, sculpture and the glory of Odisha. The atomic fission symbolizes the dawn of the atomic era. The diamond represents strength and crystalline purity, brightness and glory of the erstwhile Hirakhand Empire of which Sambalpur was the capital. The book is the sign of study and research and the Hirakud dam not only symbolizes the harnessing of nature by men for the service of humanity but also gives the crest its local color. The motto is an extract from the Kathopanishad.

यस्यद् वैदोभय सह ।
श्र बिधया मृत्यु तोर्त्वा विधयामृत मस्तूते । ।

One who has both real and practical knowledge crosses death with the help of practical knowledge and attains immortality with real knowledge.