Teacher's Evaluation

Gangadhar Meher College (Autonomous), Sambalpur is determined to improve the teaching-learning process for the students community. During 2002-2003 academic session, the college decided to introduce teachers' evaluation by the students. A small committee consisting of senior teachers drew up a Teacher Assessment Questionnaire (TAQ) . This TAQ comprised of 15 questions and a suggestion by the students and each question had three alternatives . This process of evaluation was done on 9th April, 2003 at 11.30 A.M. in Auditorium -1 of the College in the presence of the Principal, Co-Ordinator of this program and other senior members of the College.

The participants were the students representatives of U.G. and P.G. classes. The Principal and other members highlighted the objective of this Teachers Assessment. The students were encouraged to be honest and serious in their responses and not to be afraid of any action, if they give negative remarks against their departments. They were given TAQ for their responses. After one hour, the TAQs were collected and analyzed by the members of the Committee.

Majority of the students are highly satisfied with the standard of teaching, maintenance of discipline, attendance and punctuality of the teachers, seminar activities of the department, while a few had reservation in contain aspect of the College. The students also suggested the following points for the overall development of College and quality enhancement of higher education.

  • More infrastructure facilities should be provided.
  • Sufficient number of teachers should be posted in some departments like Physics, Chemistry & Psychology.
  • Good rapport should be established between teachers and students.
  • Teaching ( in some departments) should be done through audio-visual aids.
  • More emphasis should be given on strengthening of seminars, procurement of reference books & journals in seminar library etc.

This process of evaluation is a continuous process. The methods which will be adopted this year will be different from the last year and to ensure complete objective, the implementation and analysis of the TAQ will be assigned to an independent professional body. This body will liase with Co-coordinator in charge of this exercise. Once all the questionnaires are collected, this body/agency will undertake the task of statistical analysis and submit the report to the Principal for further action at his end.