The statue of the poet Gangadhar Meher stands in front of the college as a tribute of his scintillating memory. Born in the village Barpali in a humble family of weaver, he was denied the benefit of formal education. Undaunted , he struggled through the adversities of the life and by sheer greet and determination, acquired great mastery over the classics of Sanskrit and Oriya literature. His poetic sensibility blossomed quite early in life and attracted the attention of contemporary poets and men of letters. his poetry bring out a synthesis of the old and new and seek to establish close harmony between man and nature through out his life, he strove for truth, duty and goodness through his creative endeavor. He had a life of dedication to the motherland through the medium of literature. Beside his magnum opus TAPASWINI, his monumental works like KICHAKA BADHA, INDUMATI and PRANAYA BALLARI are of the enduring value. The College is consecrated to his memory and draws inspirations from that invincible spirit struggling for self expression through the tireless striving amidst grinding poverty and adverse circumstances. I t will continue to guide students and teachers, generation and generations to fulfill their cherished goal in life.