Healthy Practices

Sl No. Healthy Practices
1 Students Council - The election of office bearers for the student's council and other associations of this college is done from amongst the students by selection and not by election. The members are nominated on the basis of distinctions achieved in the field of academic excellence, games, and sports and other cultural activities. This process is in operation since 1998-99, and it has become a model for other colleges as well as Universities of Orissa.
2 College administration is actively engaged in overall development of academic environment in the college.
3 It organises regular tests, quizzes contests, seminars, extension lectures, exhibition etc. to improve students' knowledge.
4 Regular participation of the students as NSS volunteers, NCC cadets and faculty members in social welfare, community /development, Medical Camps, AIDS Awareness, Pulse Polio, Family Welfare, National Integration Camps and other related activities.
5 Grievance Redressal Cell for students exists in this institution.
6 Full-fledged computer laboratories with Internet facility.
7 Development of civic sense and responsibility int the minds of students through various programmes.
8 Strengthening of regular academic programmes through educational tours, field trips, excursions, etc.
9 Career Counseling and Guidance through lectures demonstration/ seminars, conducted by professional firm renowned institution.
10 Regular use of sports facilities and infrastructure by the students and other organisations.
11 Teacher adviser system (Proctorial) in some departments leads to interaction between the students and teachers.