• UGC Cell: To monitor various UGC sponsored schemes operating in the college.
  • ST/SC Cell: To safeguard the interest of SC/ST and Minority students.
  • Career counseling and Placement Cell: To provide the opportunity to the students so far the Employability is concernd and to create awareness on various career opportunities.
  • College Examination Cell: To conduct various examination of UG/PG/M.Phil and various other professional courses.
  • Internal Quality Assurance Cell: It regulates the post- accreditation quality sustenance activity and 1:To develop a quality system for conscious ,consistent and catalytic programmed Action to improve the academic and administrative performance of the HEIS. 2:To promote measures for institutional functioning towards quality enhancement through internalization of quality culture and institutional of best practice.
  • Equal Opportunity Center: To safeguard the interest of SC/ST,OBC,women,physically challenged and minorities students.
  • Cell For Reprisal Of Grievances Against Sexual Harassment: It deals with the grievances against sexual harassment and addresses the complain effectively. It also advises the college authority on future action to be taken in this regard.
  • Women Grievance Cell:
    • The Cell will deal with the cases / complaints of sexual harassment and any other type of harassment of the female students, teaching and non-teaching women staff of the college.
    • The Cell shall process all the individual complaints and take suitable action thereon in the manner and mode as per the Supreme Court’s direction.
    • The Cell shall be accountable to the Principal.
    • At least 50% of the members of the Cell may be women.
    • At least one of the members of the Cell may be a person with a legal background.
    • The Cell will provide assistance to the Faculty/Colleges/Institute for taking preventive steps in the matter of gender discrimination and sexual harassment.
    • The Principal shall be the Ex-officio President of the Cell and he/she may appoint a Chairperson and a Secretary from amongst the members of the Cell.
    • The Cell may form / review the guidelines / policy for redressal of the grievance as required from time to time, which may be in accordance with those issued by Supreme Court and Government Agencies.
  • Anti Raging Cell: As Per Clause-3, UGC Regulation 2009 Ragging is an Act of Abuse by spoken or written words or e-mails or Post, Teasing or Treating Rudely with the Fresher to cause Psychological Harm, Public Insult, Raise Fear or Threat or Disruption or Physical Injury, Forcing to Entertain or Financial Extortion, asking to perform Lewd Acts, Exploitation of Services, Outrage of Modesty or Sexual Assault, creating Annoyance or Apprehension or Intimidation, Showing power of authority or superiority to derive sadistic thrill or perverted pleasure by Senior Students or any conduct what affects the mental health and self confidence of a fresher or any other Student. The Anti-Ragging Cell of the college is very vigilant all the times. As a proactive measure a student led campaign of awareness against ragging is initiated at the beginning of the academic year. Effective measures are taken by the college from time to time to discourage ragging in the campus.
  • ICT Cell: An ICT Cell has been setupto co-ordinate the networking process. Internet connection have been provided to all the Departments and the Sections of college.