Vision 2030

A blue print for the academic growth of Gangadhar Meher College (Autonomous) ,Sambalpur during next 30 years.

A major limitation in the academic growth in the college is the continuation of the obsolete and socially irrelevant courses. In the background of the rapid industrial growth, technological expansion and a qualitative change in the social needs, it has become mandatory to stress on the education that should generate human resources equipped with latest knowledge and skill that could participate in the social and economical development of the state.

In order to achieve the goal, the entire period of 30 years has been divided into two phases. Phase -I (2000-2015) and Phase-II(2016-2030).

Phase- I (Year of Implementation 2000-2015)
Academic Examination Administration
a Restructuring of traditional U.G. ,P.G.  and M. Phill. courses a Traditional  annual exam. pattern to be replaced by semester exam. system in some subjects. a Formation of a  research cell.
b Introduction of career oriented self-financing courses.   b Establishment of a liaisoning group for       liaisoning     with National & International funding agencies.
c Introduction of more M.Phil. programme.    
d Emphasis in procuring more research projects.    

Phase- II (Year of Implementation : 2016-2030)
a Integration of departments under the banner of schools. a Complete semester system in all subjects. a Decentralization of administration.
b Introduction of Ph.D. programme in some selected schools.     b Full administrative and financial autonomy.
        c Upgradation of the post of Principal.