Student Support & Activities

  • Student Support

    • Welfare Measures
      • The Text Book Library :
        A Text-Book Library was started in the College out of the amount sanctioned by the University Grants Commission. Students are given text-books from this Library as per rules framed by the Principal.
    • The Seminars
      There are Seminars in all subjects in which Post Graduate studies are available in the College. Each seminar has a stock of large number of essential books on the subject for use of the students. The seminars are run as per rules framed by the Principal.
    • Student’s Common Room
      Common Rooms for students are provided where students may relax. The Common Rooms are opened during College hours and are provided with some items of indoor games and newspaper. The Men Students Common room is managed by a committee consisting of a Secretary and an Assistant Secretary and four class representatives elected from each class. The women students Common room is managed by a Secretary elected from among the Women students. They work under the supervision of members of staff in charge of Common rooms nominated by the Principal.
    • The Student’s Information Bureau
      The Students Information Bureau was started in 1995 with the objective of supplying information regarding aids, scholarships and facilities available for students both technical and general in India and abroad. The Bureau maintains liaison with the students information bureau of the Sambalpur University. The Principal nominates member of the staff to remain in charge of the Bureau who is to be contacted by a student desirous of getting information Students are advised to use facilities of the Bureau.
    • Extension and Extramural Lectures :
      Every session, a number of extension and extramural lectures on various subjects are delivered by members of staff of the College and guest speakers are invited from other Colleges and Universities. These lectures are highly informative and supplement the knowledge gathered in class rooms. Students are advised to attend these lectures. The Information so gathered will not only broaden their outlook but help them immensely in competitive examinations for employment.
    • Hobby Centre Photography Club :
      A Photography Club has been established in this College under Hobby Centre
      with a view to educating the students in the art of Photography. Students who are genuinely interested in Photography and have their own cameras may become members on Payments of admission fee of Rs. 1/- and membership fee of Rs. 1/- for six months. For girl students membership fee is Rs. 0.50/-. The membership is open to students of the all Colleges situated in Sambalpur Town. Necessary technical assistance is being provided to members for taking photography and for washing and developing films in the dark room. The members can purchase films and other photography materials from the Club at concessional rates. Annual Club day will be arranged in line with the College day. Prizes and Certificates will be issued on merit basis.
    • Fine Art Training Centre
      Provision is there at the Centre for teaching the fundamentals of painting, modelling, sculpture to the young talents, awareness of the visual arts while assisting him in understanding mechanism of creativity provision, tools and materials. Since the number of seats is limited. Applicants are required to take a qualifying examination and only successful candidates are enrolled as trainees. To get the benefit from the training students should attend classes for two sessions. Besides providing instruction the centre also organises exhibitions and lectures to foster interest in the fine arts among students.
    • The National Cadet Corps

      N.C.C. training helps students to build their characters, develops in them a sense of discipline and commandship. N.C.C. Certificate holders get preference over other in any competitive field. Selected candidates may attend camp at the All India Level and at the battallion level which are organised every year.

      The College has been allowed 115 N.C.C boys with an enrolment strength of 120 cadets. Students desirous of enrolling themselves as cadets should apply to the College N.C.C. Officer in the prescribed enrolment form available in the College N.C.C. Office.

      A cadet after enrolment must continue for three consecutive years so as to get the maximum benefit out of the N.C.C. He must attend a minimum of 75% of the parades (held on Sunday only) and camp to be eligible for certificate examinations. From the second year cadets are provided with refreshment, on parade days and washing allowance at the end of the session.

    • National Service Scheme
      There is a unit of the National Service Scheme in the College. The N.S.S. includes selfless social service and develops qualities of leadership and sacrifice in its members. Students are advised to take advantage of this scheme.
    • Proctorial Systems :

      Proctorial System has been introduced for developing intimate relationship between the students and teachers for timely guidance and advice in academic and other matters. Under this system a batch of sixteen to twenty students are entrusted to the charge of a teacher whom the students meet on dates and at places previously fixed and put forth their difficulties for advice.

      Moreover, information regarding the academic performance attendance in classes and other matter in respect of every student are sent to the guardian twice a session. Necessary guidelines for the duties and functions of the proctor are reproduced below for reference.

      a) Every student will be placed under the charge of a proctor who shall always be a member of the teaching staff.
      b) The student shall meet the proctor at least once a month or as many times as necessary and discuss his/her difficulties and problems. Besides as far as possible aregular period should be provided in the general time table once a week for this.
      c) The students shall furnish required information to the proctor for the maintenance of the proctorial record.
      d) No student shall ordinarily meet the Principal on official business without permission from the proctor or any application can be submitted without the recommendation of the proctor.
      e) Any adverse report against a student by the proctor will be seriously viewed and dealt with accordingly.
      f) The monthly tuition fees and other fees of a student will
      only be accepted after submission of the monthly Proctorial
      record by the Proctor.
      g) No help from any source or other forms of assistance will be given to a student unless recommended by the Proctor.
      h) The promotions in the College Examinations and the issue of the final conduct & transfer certificate from the College will also be based on the proctorial record of the student during the period of his/her study in the College.
    • Co-operative Store
      The Gangadhar Meher College Consumer’s Co-operative Store Ltd., has been formed with the objectives of promoting the economic interests of its members & particularly, assisting them in obtaining consumer goods & other daily necessaries of life at reasonable prices. The area of operation is confined to members of the staff & students of G.M. College. The students and employees of the College can become members of the stores by purchasing shares worth Rs. 2/- and Rs. 5/- respectively.
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