Duty chart for the Ministerial staff of different sections with effect from 01.01.2014.


Administrative Bursar :- Dr. M. R. Pujari

Office Superintendent:- Sri B. Dharua

  • All files / records of different sections to be routed through the Office Superintendent for approval orders of the Principal.
  • Maintenance of the files movement registers.
  • Supervision and assignment of duties of officials (Class-III & IV).
  • Opening and clarification and processing of all official letters and records. Appointment / relief / promotion of class III & IV and part-time employees etc.
  • Appointment of all Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents of all Hostels.
  • Tour programme of Government officers,
  • Allotment of quarters (Both Government and Trust Fund quarters),
  • Arrangements of all meetings, Executive Body / Academic Council / Board of Studies / Trust Fund with help of other Assistants.
  • Preparation of Holidays list.
  • Confidential matters C.C.Rs. and PARs, of the Gazetted / N.G.O. staff.
  • General Conservancy and Campus beautification.
  • Deployment of the watch and ward staff.
  • Maintenance of C.L. / D.L. / O.L. of Gazetted Officers

Sri Binaya Kumar Mishra, Junior Clerk (Estt-II G.O. & N. G.O)

  • Maintenance of all files and service records relating Gazetted Officers.
  • Appointment, relief, superannuation, sanction of leave, placement etc. registration of college teachers, pension, gratuity, G.I.S., other pensionary benefits.
  • Tour programme and Tour Diary of Principal,
  • All types of return and reports, annually / quarterly / monthly.
  • Deputation / Training / Refresher Course/ work-shop/ seminars etc.
  • Maintenance of records relating creation of posts, abolition of posts, updates of staff position.
  • Sanction of all type of advances / loans like House Building / Motor Cycle / Motor Car / Medical etc.
  • All purchase, placement of orders and supply etc.
  • All types of printing of forms, other materials for office.
  • Maintenance of all files and service records relating Non-Gazetted Officials.
  • Appointment, relief, superannuation, sanction of leave, placement etc. related to Non-gazetted officials.
  • Sanction of all types of advances, pension, gratuity, G.I.S., other pensionary benefits to Non-gazetted officials.
  • All types of return and reports annually, quarterly / Monthly.
  • Deputation / Training / Refresher Course/ work-shop/ seminars etc. related to Non-gazetted officials
  • Maintenance of records relating creation of post, abolition of posts, updates staff position.
  • Sanction of all type of advances / loan like House Building / Motor Cycle / Motor Car / Medical advances in favour of Non-gazetted officials.
  • Roster point as per ORV Act.
  • Any other matters, if any.
  • All matters relating to M.C.A. / Comp. Science as per direction and guidance of the H.O.D. / Co-ordinator.
  • Maintenance of Cash book of M.C.A./ Infrastructure Fund
  • College Canteen

Sri Anurag Kumar, Junior Clerk (Estt-I N.G.O.)

  • Stock taking.
  • Preparation and placement of Indent of various forms from Government Press.

Sri S. A Mahananda,Junior Clerk

  • Manual typing of all officials correspondences.
  • Maintenance of Principal’s Guard file.Typing (Computerized) of all files / letters as desired by the Principal
  • Secretarial service to the Residence Committee.
  • Secretarial service to the Students’ Council
  • Other matters, if any as directed by the Principal

Sri Bhramara Seth

  • Maintenance and preservation of Received Registers, Issue Registers, Peon Book etc.
  • Daily diary and despatch of official letters and records etc.
  • Receipt and issue of the letters, records, notices etc. and related issues.
  • Maintenance of separate files for all types of notice.
  • Service Stamp Account.


Academic Bursar:- Sri U. C Pati

Head Clerk:- Sri B. D. Singh

  • Admission of students.
  • Preparation of Time Table, courses of studies and Proctorial forms.
  • Minor & Major Research Projects undertaken by Gazetted Officers.
  • Preparation for holding the meetings of the Academic Council Meeting, Boards of Studies and all other meeting under the guidance of the Office Superintendent and Officers concerned.
  • All matters relating the college land, building, supply of electricity and water
  • (PWD, PHD, GED).
  • National Seminars
  • Vigilance Report
  • Departmental Activities
  • Affiliation of new subjects.
  • All correspondences relating students welfare and students activities.
  • Preparation of tabulation registers.
  • Assembly questions relating students.
  • University / C.H.S.E. Zonal valuation
  • Statistics
  • Ph.D. Registration
  • Task Force
  • Maintenance of C.L. / D.L. / O.L. of Non-gazetted officials.
  • Submission of Annual Report to University.

Sri Chudamani Pradhan, Junior Clerk.

  • Issue of C.L.Cs., Conduct certificates, Studentship certificates etc.
  • Issue of Railway and Bus concession passes,
  • Maintenance of Long Rolls.
  • All statistical information to U.G.C., University and Government with the guidance of Head Clerk.
  • Issue of Registration receipts.
  • Return of Matriculation,
  • Students Migration, recognition certificates to university,
  • Allotment of groupings, subject changes etc.
  • Preparation of all admission forms and furnishing of Roll Nos.
  • Other matters, if any and as assigned from time to time by the Office Superintendent.

Miss Itishree Pradhan (Attached to Academic section)

  • All typing work of Academic Section
  • All Statistical work
  • Preparation of CLC/ Long Roll/ Return of Matriculates
  • Preparation of Attendance Register of UG/PG/M. Phil.
  • Other matters, if any and as assigned from time to time by the Head Clerk.

Sri Giridhari Bhoi ( Attached to Academic section)

  • Issue of  Attendance Register/ other work
  • Other matters, if any and as assigned from time to time by the Head Clerk
  • Preparation and supply of Attendance Registers of different classes.
  • Issue of Duplicate Identity Cards,
  • Calculation of Students’ Attendance etc.


Officer-in-Charge:-Sri U. C Pati

DEO:- A Sri Shisira Bania,

  • Maintain Central Server Room of the college.
  • College website maintaince.
  • e-Admission, Preparation of UG Long Roll, U.G.,CLC, U.G. Attendance Register
  • e-Administration , Updation of SIP(College Details, Staff Details), CIIP
  • e-Dispatch, e-Mail
  • e-Scholarship
  • e-Medhabruti
  • e-Audit
  • Other matters, if any and as assigned from time to time by the Principal, Head Clerk.




Accounts Bursar:-Dr. S.C Acharya
Assistance Accounts Bursar:-Dr. M. D Majhi

Accountant:-Sri N. P. Mishra

  • All files, relating accounts and finance to be routed through Accountant.
  • Preparation of all Salary bills, contingency bills, grants, allotments received from UGC / Government etc. and their utilization.
  • Issue of Non-drawal certificate to Treasury.
  • Payment of remuneration to Contractual Lecturers and persons engaged on daily wage basis.
  • Passing of bills for payment from P.L. Fund.
  • UGC XI Plan period grant received from U.G.C. and passing of bills of funded and sanctioned by the U.G.C.
  • Revised Estimate and Budget Estimate
  • B.S.R. Scheme under UGC
  • Government, A.G.  and Internal Audit Reports.
  • Monthly return of expenditure.
  • 12th Finance Commission file
  • Electricity bill file
  • NAAC file
  • Triangular Committee file
  • Preparation and submission of Budget and revised estimates.
  • Conduct of Audit and compliance of Audit objections, if any.
  • Preparation and submission of Draft Appropriation statement.
  • Submission of utilization certificate to UGC and Government.
  • Physical verification of cash in hand & cash books,
  • Maintenance of records relating Accounts.
  • Correspondence for allotment of funds.
  • Other matters as directed by Office Superintendent and Principal relating accounts and finance.
  • Maintenance of all the R.T.I. files under the supervision of the A.P.I.O., P.I.O., and the First Appellate Authority.

Sri G.C.Patel, Cashier

  • Maintenance of Cash in hand and Cash book.
  • Payment of salary, T.A., H.R.A., all bills, remuneration, honorarium, advances etc.
  • Maintenance of P.L. Register, P.L. Pass Book,
  • Reconciliation of cash and accounts with Bank and Treasury,
  • Maintenance of Advance Register,
  • Keeping key of the Iron chest,
  • Maintenance of U.G.C. Cash Book, Maintenance of Bank Draft / Demand Draft and Cheques Registers.
  • Preparation of all records and other works assigned by the Accountant.
  • Self Financing Cash Book, CCM Cash Book
  • Preparation Treasury Challan
  • Maintenance of subsidiary register

Sri Bira Kishor Panda, Junior Clerk. (In-charge of Bills)

  • Preparation and encashment of all bills relating Gazetted Officers.
  • Issue of L.P.Cs. relating Gazetted Officers.
  • Returns of Income Tax and Preparation of Form – 16 and T.D.S. Returns etc.
  • Preparation of monthly return, preparation of all records, such as Acquittance Rolls, Ledger etc.
  • Preparation of Budget and estimates.
  • Preparation of Provisional Pension & Arrear bills.

Sri B. K Sahu, Junior Clerk

  • Preparation and encashment of all bills relating the Non-gazetted officials.
  • Issue of L.P.C to Non-gazetted officials.
  • Income Tax Returns and Preparation of Form – 16 and T.D.S. Returns etc. as and when required.
  • Preparation of Budget estimates,
  • Preparation of acquittance roll and other records of N.G.O.

Sri N.N. Dakua, Senior Clerk (College Counter)

  • Preparation of demand register,
  • Collection of fees from students,
  • Issue clearance for students,
  • Maintenance of P.L. Register,
  • Preparation free-ship bill and all other issues  related to free-studentship.
  • Renewal of Identity cards and Other matters assigned by the Office Superintendent and Accountant.


COE:-Dr. R.K Senddha
Asst. COE:-Dr. H.K Nayak

Sri K.C. Pasayat, Junior Clerk

  • All matters relating Autonomous Examinations Section as per the direction and guidance of the Controller of Examination / Asst. Controller of Examination.
  • Maintenance of Accounts of Autonomous Examination Cash Books.
  • Maintenance of records relating payments with reference to Autonomous Examination Section.
  • Publication of results.
  • All other confidential matters relating examinations as directed by C.O.E. / A.C.O.E. from time to time.
  • Issue of Degree & Diploma certificates

Sri Narayan Bisi, Junior Clerk

  • Conduct of sessional examinations of +3 1st Year / 2nd Year and 3rd Year classes.
  • Preparation of CNRs/ Admit Cards in favour of all the candidates eligible to appear at various Autonomous Examinations.
  • Conduct of Annual (UG) Examinations,
  • Conduct of P.G. Part-I/II and M.Phil Examinations.
  • Conduct of professional course examinations:- MBA/BBA/B.Sc.IST,
  • Conduct of all Private Examinations of Sambalpur University, Jyoti Vihar, Burla,
  • Conduct of all public examinations conducted by the UPS/OPSC and Government of Orissa and Conduct of JEE/GATE entrance Test, conducted by the I.I.T. Kharagpur.

Sri Nihar Ranjan Nayak(Attached to Examination Section)

  • Conduct of examinations & all private exams.
  • All matters relating to examinations and other matters assigned by OIC, Examination Sri N. Bisi, Jr. clerk