Extra Mural Lectures

Sl No. Date Name of Resource Person Lecture on
1 2012-01-25 Prof.P.K. Chand,Prof. of Botany,Utkal University,VaniVihar,Bhubaneswar Biotechnological approaches to Medicinal & Aromatic Plants
2 2011-12-17 Prof. Harihara Panda,Prof. of HistoryNDA,Pune Environmental Security and National Security
3 2011-12-17 Prof.Aruna Sinha,Deptt.of History,BHU,Varanasi Emerging Trends in Historigraphy
4 2011-09-22 Colonel Manoj Mehta,Director,Army Recruit Office,Sambalpur Motivational talk for young men and women
5 2011-09-20 DR. Sudam Dang,Reader in Math.,Govt.(a) college,Rourkela The Fuzziness of Fuzzy Theory
6 2011-09-17 Prof. Deepak K. Behera,Professor of Anthrology,Utkal University,Bhubaneswar "Keep Your Motivational Level High and Preparing a power Point for Profesional Lectures
7 2011-08-16 Dr.Subash Ch. Dash,Professor of Sanskrit,Utkal University,Bhubaneswar Indian Philosophy & and Humanism
8 2011-08-16 Dr. Toshihiro Wada,Professor of Nagoya University,Japan Indian Philosophy & Humanism
9 2007-08-12 Prof. J.M.E. Pitchapan of Madurai Kamraj University "Journey Of Man"
10 2005-09-06 Prof. P.K. Chand "Transgenic manipulation of Plants for crop improvement"
11 2010-10-23 Prof. Basudev Sahu Quantum Mechanics and Related Application in Nuclear Physics
12 2010-03-23 Dr. S. Iqbal Hosian Optoelectronics
13 2010-03-23 Prof. Laxmidhar Maharana Practical Physics
14 2010-03-24 Prof. U.N. Dash Personality development and enhancement of faculty members and students
15 2010-02-24 Prof.(Dr.)P.S. Sing Application of Psychology in modern life
16 2009-02-22 Prof.Ashok Mitra Women Psycology in 21st Century
17 2009-01-29 Prof. C.B.Dwivedi Role of Psychologist in Present time
18 2008-12-06 Dr. Rakesh Kumar Hypnosis and past life-Regression
19 2007-11-22 Sri. Josabanta Mohapatra Psychotherapeutic practices and diagnosis
20 2006-11-29 Prof.(Dr.)Anjali Ghosh,Indian Statistical Institute,Kolkata Moral Development Among Children
21 2006-11-12 Sri. Lalit Das Cyber Crime
22 2006-10-16 Sri Pranabandhu Acharya Police-Public relation: a freshlook
23 2005-11-12 Prof.(Dr.)Neelamadhab Rath Stress and its coping strategies