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1 04/08/2022 Participate in Speech Competition Organized by School of Political Science New
2 02/08/2022 Food Fest by School of Management New
3 02/08/2022 Participate in Prabandhan : The Management Fest New
4 28/07/2022 Booster Does Vaccination Drive at University Campus for Staffs and Students - 2022
5 20/07/2022 Participate in National Level Sports Quiz Competition
6 13/07/2022 Certificate Course in Data Analytics and Tax Law & Practices by School of Commerce
7 12/07/2022 Student Notification : ScienceDirect South Asia Quiz Contest-2022
8 02/07/2022 Participate in Photography Competition cum Exhibition by PhotoPhilics
9 23/06/2022 NoBroker invites application from UG/PG students for the Post of Sales Executive and Relationship Manager
10 23/06/2022 Free Training on Latest Technology Software by QSpiders/JSpiders
11 23/06/2022 Campus Cleaning Programme - 2022
12 22/06/2022 Register for Webinar on Ethical Publishing
13 20/06/2022 Quiz Competition Based on Yoga
14 11/05/2022 Career Counselling Programme On Skill Courses
15 28/04/2022 Athletics and Fitness Summer Camp for Students - 2022
16 07/04/2022 Elsevier is Organising the 2nd Webinar for OSHEC Member University
17 16/02/2022 A Webinar on "Understanding Research Metrices and Elsevier’s Science Direct" organized by OSHEC in Collaboration with Elsevier. Dt.25.02.2022
18 10/02/2022 54th Annual (International) Economics Conference - 2022
19 04/01/2022 A Talk on The Data Revolution Beyond STEM
20 16/11/2021 National Workshop on Teaching Geography in Collaboration with Delhi University
21 12/11/2021 Notification for Declamation Contest on 21st Nov 2021 at NSCB College, Sambalpur
22 22/09/2021 ସନ୍ଥକବି ଭୀମ ଭୋଇ ଆଲୋଚନାଚକ୍ର - ୨୫ ସେପ୍ଟେମ୍ବର ୧୦୨୧
23 14/08/2021 An exclusive invite to all the staff and students for the 4th Season of “The Magic Of Thinking Rich” from August 15th to September 4th
24 09/08/2021 Celebration of Librarian's Day 2021 : Webinar on "Librarianship in the Digital Era : Development & Challenges" on 12-AUG-2021 by School of Library and Information Science
25 09/08/2021 National Webinar on "Social forces and aging: Challenges and way forward" on 10-Aug-2021 by Odisha Centre for Geriatrics and Gerontology
26 03/08/2021 Six Days National Online Workshop on Research Methodology
27 05/07/2021 77th Foundation Day Lecture at 3:30 PM on 7-July-2021
28 05/07/2021 77th Foundation Day Celebration on 7-July-2021
29 02/07/2021 Distinguished Lecture Series-3 “Bhima Bhoi Poetics, Perceptions, Politics” on 06-Jul-2021 by Bhima Bhoi Research Chair
30 02/07/2021 National Webinar on "Aging and the Aged : Some Reflections" on 10-Jul-2021 by Odisha Centre for Geriatrics and Gerontology, G.M. University
31 02/07/2021 National Webinar on "Development, Marginalization and Issues of Displacement" on 12-Jul-2021 by School of Sociology
32 02/07/2021 National Webinar on "Employment in LIS: Status, Skills and Competencies" on 09-Jul-2021 by School of Library and Information Science
33 28/06/2021 National Webinar on "Application of Statistics for National Planning" on 29-Jun-2021 by School of Statistics
35 24/06/2021 National Webinar on "Adhunikatar Parampara O Kabi Bhima Bhoi" on 25-Jun-2021 by Bhima Bhoi Research Chair
36 11/06/2021 National Webinar on "Mobile Based Crowd Sourcing and Crowdsensing: Concept and Applications" on 12-Jun-2021 by School of Computer Science & IT
37 04/06/2021 National Webinar on "Ecosystem Restoration for Sustainable Development" on 05-Jun-2021 by School of Geography
38 02/06/2021 National Webinar on "Many Worlds of Manoj Das: A Tribute" on 4th June 2021 by School of English & Odia
39 31/05/2021 National Webinar on "Mechanics of living matter at different length scales" on 7th June 2021 by School of Physics.
40 29/05/2021 National Webinar On “Responding to the Pandemic and the Changing Contours of Centre-State Relations in India” on 31-May-2021 by School of Political Science
41 27/05/2021 Extra Mural Lecture On “ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT: ISSUES AND CHALLENGES IN THECONTEXT OF THE ONGOING COVID-19 CRISIS” on 29-May-2021 by School of Commerce, Economics and Management Studies
42 26/05/2021 National Webinar On “ROUSSEAU AND THE INSTITUTION OF OLD AGE HOME” on 27-May-2021 by School of Philosophy
43 18/05/2021 National Webinar on "Disaster Management - A Paradigm Shift in 21st Century" by School of Geography on 19th May 2021
44 05/05/2021 National Webinar On “COVID-19 AND STRESS MANAGEMENT” on 07-May-2021 by School of Psychology
45 13/04/2021 National Webinar on Emerging Trends in Health & Diseases on 20th April 2021 By School of Bio-Technology
46 20/03/2021 Join Inauguration of the ‘Mo College/ University’ Campaign by Hon'ble Chief Minister of Odisha
47 12/03/2021 Participation in 'सार्थक EduVision' 2021 for AtmaNirbhar Bhart from 15-17 March, 2021 at Bhopal.
48 23/02/2021 National webinar on recent trends in anthropology on Dt. 25th & 26th February 2021.
49 20/02/2021 The First Prof. Shrimat Sahu Memorial Lecture on 22-02-2021
50 04/02/2021 National level Techno-Cultural event "SPANDAN 2021"
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